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Occupancy Limits:
Our seated indoor occupancy is 90 persons. This was set by the Collin County Fire Marshal in January 2021. This ensures that each guest has the minimum required 15 square feet of space to meet county regulations, and takes into consideration the space taken up by tables. Though we do not have an outdoor occupancy, The Venue is best suited for private events with no more than 100 guests. However, if you are planning a fully outdoor event, fundraiser or gathering, and wish to utilize Streubel Farms for such events, please contact a member of our team via email at 

Outside Vendors:
The Venue does allow the use of outside vendors. In fact, we are not currently offering additional services at this time, so outside vendors is a must. Please be sure that vendors you hire are properly licensed and insured. We do require that you provide their contact information no less than 7-days prior to an event. We also encourage you to review and confirm their licensing and insurance policies prior to signing a contract, as this can help reduce or eliminate your personal liability in the event there is an incident during your event. 

Alcohol Service:
The Venue does not carry a liquor license, for this reason at no time can alcohol be sold on the venue property. You can however provide alcohol at your events, so long as there is no exchange in money. Please be advised that The Venue enforces all current state and federal laws regarding the distribution and consumption of alcohol. A licensed TABC certified bartender, who is also not a "guest" of the event is required. Additionally, if you wish to have Liquor Service (excluding pre-mixed signature cocktails) a security officer must also be present for the duration of your event. You may hire and officer through either the Collin County Sheriff's Office or the Princeton Police Department. 

Though the property does meet the state requirements to shoot fireworks, they must be handled by a licensed pyrotechnics company. If you wish to hire a pyrotechnics company for your event, please notify a member of our team for further information. Send off Sparklers are the only exclusion, as they can be used at your discretion, so long as they are ignited outside and disposed of properly.

Open flames are strictly prohibited. The use of a propane based heaters or fire pits may be approved on a case by case basis, please contact a member of our team for further details. 

Property Access
Access to the property is based on the type of rental you contract. Traditionally, The Venue will be accessible as early at 10:00AM on the date of the event. Wedding Rentals include a 2-hour Rehearsal period, that must be scheduled no less than 30 days prior to the event, and is subject to availability. (The sooner you schedule, the easier it will be to secure the timeframe you are needing). Termination of property access is 90 minutes after the end of your scheduled event. A $250 overage fee will be charged for anyone exceeding this period. 

Though The Venue is located outside of the city limits, and sits on 12 acres, we will adhere to the state noise/nuance ordnances.  Live music outdoors is prohibited after 10:00pm. Decibel ratings over 98 will not be allowed. Crude, Vulgar and Offensive music is prohibited. Though the area is rural, there are still families and businesses who do not wish to be subjected to profanity. We encourage renters to consider keeping DJ set up's indoors, which will greatly reduce the likelihood of a noise complaint. The Collin County Sheriffs office can request that music be stopped and will issue citations if a violation is determined. The Venue is in no way responsible for citations filed against renters. 

Tables, Chairs and other Provided Items
All Rentals include the use of The Venue's table and chairs. Please be advised that only certain packages also include the rental of Linens. These items are not to leave the premises for any reason. Damage to tables, chairs or linens will be deducted from the incidentals deposit. Renters are required to leave the property as they found it. Though you may move tables and chairs, you will need to put things back exactly as you found them. In the event of inclement weather, tables and chairs should not be placed outside, or should be brought in immediately. 

Bridal Suite
The Venue offers an on-site Bridal Suite for day-of use. This space is designed for the host/hostess to get ready, or store personal items during an event. The bridal suite also displays The Venues wedding décor items. Please be advised that the Décor items are not for use, unless you selected the Wedding Package. We do not currently offer on on-site Grooms Quarters. 

Farmhouse, Barn, Pastures and the Remaining Property
The Venue is in fact located within Streubel Farms, an active farm. The Property contains a farmhouse, workshop, garage, The Venue, a pool and several pastured areas were animals are raised. Please understand that The Venue property is considered to be the area located to the south of the private drive, up until the creek. We ask that event guest refrain from exploring The Farm, without prior consent. For safety purposes pool is strictly off limits, guests found to be within the pool safety fence will immediately be asked to leave. 

Future Growth
Streubel Farms is looking towards 2023, when the Farmhouse will be transitioned to a short-term rental. It will be and optional add-on for weddings and retreats. Though it is an exciting time, and we look forward to being able to offer lodging to our clients, the official date of transition is TBD. Please check out social media pages for updates and future announcements regarding this exciting addition! 


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